We Can Do It!


This image is a spin-off of the famous World War II propaganda poster that was meant to boost worker morale during the time of the war. The original image has a feminist message and is hugely popular in the feminist campaign.

This new image, however, depicts a Saudi-Arabian woman adorned in a traditional hijab. There has been much support of feminists trying to gain women’s more rights for women in the middle-east, most notably and symbolically removing the hijab from covering the face.

This feminist action is perhaps a direct effect of globalization in that the major countries around the world have seen a huge improvement in women’s rights in the past few hundred years, and the middle-east is seeing more and more pressure to follow suit. Because a lot of middle-eastern culture is patriarchal and nomadic, it is much more difficult for women to take a stand for themselves. Images such as this one that simply suggest an image of a powerful woman are a huge step forward in middle-eastern countries.


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