Chaim Machlev

Intricate and pristine designs by the German artist

Intricate and pristine designs by the German artist from Berlin

With the demand for tattoos going into overdrive, people search far and wide for the most world renowned tattoo artists. There are year-long waiting lists just for one session with a talented tattoo artist. Why are people suddenly caring so much about who does their tattoo? It seems that less people want a random person to create a permanent image on their body; it’s not significant enough. People want to be a part of a work of art.

Chaim Machlev, a highly-sought after tattoo artist from Berlin, Germany, creates stark-black ink tattoos that demonstrate a highly intricate sense of geometry, while also having a crisp, pristine quality. Machlev’s process is no less significant than that of any other artist. In fact, compared to a painter, a sculptor, or any other fine artist, the art of tattooing is a highly complicated process. Since the canvases are human skin, the standards for quality and care skyrocket above other art.

Imagine being able to say you are the proud owner of a Picasso. Now imagine being able to say your body is a Picasso. Same concept. Among other tattoo artists, Machlev is the type of skilled artisan whose work people crave to be a part of–a mass collection of highly-detailed works that are always moving and literally alive.

Not only is Machlev’s work visually stunning, but it’s also highly emotional. In an interview with SkinDeep223 magazine, Machlev described the experience of getting a tattoo: “I cannot put my finger on it now, but something meaningful happened and I realised how strong the effect of putting your trust into someone you just met, to let them change your body, when all you have as a reference is some work of theirs you’ve seen before, or some recommendation. I see it as leaving your ego behind and going through something very deep; a process of self-healing using art.”

With a desire for this type of artwork running ever-deeper in modern cultures around the globe, it is hard to imagine why these beautiful pieces are still frowned upon in the professional workplace. Living art with personal meaning and personal experiences is an art form that will continue to grow and evolve throughout history.


SkinDeep interview:

Process of tattoo:

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