The Celebrity and the Suedo-Celebrity


We watch them on tv, we follow them on twitter, and we gossip about them with our friends. The latest story on our favorite celebrities flood media every day, and consumers eat it up. Why? These celebrities, like Justin Timberlake and Johnny Depp, are just normal people, doing their jobs. Actors, musicians, tv hosts, and the like. They don’t live for media, but the media lives for them. Their level fame only depends on their level of performance and actively producing films, musics, and the like for consumers. When their songs and movies are of high quality, more consumers buy them, and therefor more people admire their talent, and the more people want to know about them and their lives. The media fills this gap in the market by providing stories on the surface lives of celebrities. This, as the equation of the celebrity makes perfect sense.

However, a new market has become quite prevalent in more recent years. The market for the Suedo-Celebrity has seen increasing numbers on celebrity blogs and tv shows. What is the Suedo-Celebrity? The suedo-celebrity has not produced any chart-topping records or made any award winning movies, yet consumers go mad when one gets married or divorced or buys a new pair of shoes or makes a fashion faux-pas. The only parameters for their celebrity-ness is the fact that they are a celebrity. What? This equation doesn’t make any sense.


The the Kardashian family (above), there are a select group of people’s lives that are put into hyper-focus, as if they were a talented singer/actor. It almost seems as if, when the media got bored with celebrities, they decided to create their own. And thus, the suedo-celebrities were born. Why do consumers watch them? Because, if they are being advertised and marketed by the media, then their lives must be interesting and relevant. We don’t want to miss out on what our friends and coworkers have to say about them, so we have to keep up with each and every show. Are they interesting, relatable, intelligent, or talented people with charming personalities? It doesn’t matter, because they are marketed in such a way that consumers don’t mind who they are watching, as long as they are watching someone.


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